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When is Remembrance Sunday?

1 Nov 2022

What is Remembrance Sunday?

Remembrance Sunday represents a national opportunity to remember the sacrifice and service of all those that have defended our freedoms and protected our way of life since the onset of World War One.


When is Remembrance Sunday?

Remembrance Sunday takes place on the second Sunday of November.  This year it will be held on November 13th 2022.


How do people commemorate Remembrance Sunday?

A nationally televised remembrance service, attended by Politicians, religious members, and Royalty has been held for decades at the cenotaph monument in central London.


Why do people wear a poppy on Remembrance Day?

The reason poppies are used to remember those who have lost their lives in battle is because they are the flowers which grew on the battlefields after World War One ended.

This is described in the famous WWI poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae.


Who can wear a poppy?

In the days leading up to Remembrance Day, you will often see people on the TV and in everyday life, wearing a red poppy.  It is a symbol to remember those who lost their lives in conflicts around the world and those who have been killed as a result of terrorism.  It also represents the contribution of families and of the emergency services.  Anyone can buy a poppy and millions will be sold over the coming days by thousands of volunteers.


What happens to the money raised by buying a poppy?

The money raised from peoples donations is used to help servicemen and women who are still alive, whose lives have been changed by conflicts that they fought in.


The money also helps veterans who may need to find new jobs or somewhere to live, or any other support they may need.  

Additionally, donations are used to help those who have lost loved ones because of wars.


Is Remembrance Sunday, Remembrance Day and Armistice Day the same thing?

Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday are not the same thing, however Armistice Day is also referred to as Remembrance Day – which can be confusing.

Armistice Day is always on November 11 and was initially used to pay respects to the fallen, yet Remembrance Day was adopted during World War 2 by many nations as a way to pay tribute to those from both conflicts.

Remembrance Sunday is always on the second Sunday in November, but the date will change yearly.

Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday last happened on the same day back in 2018, and will share the same date once again in 2029.

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