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New Ordnance Survey data for bespoke "Our School" range.

New Ordnance Survey data for bespoke "Our School" range.
18 Sep 2019

From September 2019 all of the Wildgoose Education "Our School" products that had previously used the Ordnance Survey Streetview mapping have been updated to incorporate the improved Ordnance Survey OpenMap – Local mapping data.

OS OpenMap – Local gives greater insights into land use, pinpoints schools, hospitals, and other major facilities and maps the grounds they occupy.  It still includes all major and minor roads and street names, building outlines, railways and their stations, rivers, greenspaces plus  a brand new OS icon showing where you can plug your electric car in for recharging and the addition of more names, such as those of isolated homes and farms, and roads, both public and private. This detail comes into its own in rural and suburban areas.

Wildgoose Education Ltd are also pleased to continue their long-standing relationship with Bluesky International Ltd who continue to supply all of the Aerial Imagery data used across the whole bespoke “Our School” range.

Bluesky International are the leading supplier of aerial survey services and data in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Operating survey aircraft from flying bases at East Midlands Airport, and locations in Ireland, Bluesky capturing more than 70,000 square kilometres of data every year.

The popular Wildgoose Education Aeroimage Posters and Aeroimage Deskmats use the most up-to-date Aerial and OS mapping at a scale of 1:10.000, both centred on the customers school (or other point of interest) and can be used for studies of the Local Area, Human and Physical Geography, Land Use, Maps and Mapping Skills and much more.


Contact michael@wildgoose.education or call us 01530 836111 for more information.


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New Ordnance Survey data for bespoke "Our School" range.

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