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Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School
25 Aug 2016

The summer holidays are almost over and children will be heading back to school. We all want to make sure they get to and from school safely and the activities selected below could be used in the classroom for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils.

  1. Carry out a questionnaire within the class, or the whole school, to find out how every child gets to school. Graph the results.
  2. Ask the children to list methods of making an area safe, for example pedestrian crossings, road signs etc. Using photographs or pictures made by the children make a display.
  3. Ask the children to list various traffic hazards that they might encounter on their way to school, for example cars parked in no parking zones, children crossing the road between parked cars etc.
  4. Ask the children to draw a map of their route to school. Ask them to identify any hazards en route or any features which have been carried out to improve safety. Mark these on the map.
  5. Look at the area in the immediate vicinity of the school. Using a map or large scale aerial photograph plot features such as road signs, pelican crossing, pedestrian crossing, speed humps or any other features which have been put outside the school to reduce the speed of traffic.
  6. The number of cars bringing children to school is a problem nationwide. Try to carry out a traffic count first thing in the morning or at the end of the day to see how many cars drop children off immediately outside the school or in the school car park. Carry this out several times in different weather conditions. Does the volume stay the same or vary according to the weather?
  7. As a school, what methods have you adopted, or plan to adopt to reduce the traffic congestion and improve safety outside the school?
  8. How could you encourage more children to walk or cycle to school?


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