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Thinking About - Forces



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20 A5 cards featuring a photograph on one side and five questions or activity suggestions on the reverse. The variety of questions and activities means that work can be pitched at an appropriate level for most abilities. The cards have been designed to develop an enquiring approach to the subject and encourage observational and descriptive skills. This versatile set lends itself to whole class, small group or individual work, forming the basis for the whole topic or as a starter or plenary activities.

Example questions:
Can you explain why skydivers don't fall to the ground straightaway? How will they manage to land safely?
How do you think the treads on these tyres help them to grip on wet surfaces?
Can you explain why the car did not crash through the wall?
What do you think it would feel like to walk on the moon?

Example activities:
Write a list of 10 questions you would like to ask an astronaut.
Plan an experiment to find out which shapes make the best boats. You will need to make sure it is a fair test. Record your results.
Imagine you are a teacher. Plan a lesson to teach children about balanced and unbalanced forces. How will you explain them? What information do you need to give them?
Roll a piece of Plasticine into a ball. What happens when you drop it into water? Experiment with the shape of the Plasticine to see if you can change how it behaves in water. For each test, record the shape you made, what happened and how you explain the result.


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