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Learning Through Play



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Includes 20 songs for imaginative play. Draw with your magic finger over the rainbow, stop off to help Mick to fix an aeroplane, go spinning with Teddy, flying with friends, dancing with clowns as well as sing along to traditional favourites. Learning Through Play makes learning fun. Includes 20 songs for imaginative play.

1. WelcomeGreeting BaaDickoryMaryof the (Teaching colours, echo Pirates Life for Me(Pirate song, role play and counting)

5. Elephants have rinklesIndian music body awareness)

6. Old MacDonaldUnique child, your animals)

7. Days of the Week(Movement, sequencing and alliteration)

8. Mick Mechanic(playpeople Jump (Gross motor movement, echo singing)

10. This Big! How Big?Teddy Spinsa (playpositional language)

13. Help One Another(countingeye tracking)

16. Dancing ClownReacting to sound, , music)

17. Learning through PlayWhen the (Instrument layingcontrasting loud and quiet)

19. Funky Groove(Mark making, positive touch and


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