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Going on a Journey



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20 songs to motivate children to move, developing physicals skills. Take a ride on the magic carpet whilst we travel around the world to the rhythm of the jungle, the tropical island, the animals of Oz and count the fish in the sea. Going on a Journey makes learning fun!

1. Goes like this (Memory & Sequencing, Co-ordination)

2. Creeping Through the Jungle (Contrasting Movement, Role Play) 15.Magic carpet (Teamwork, Contrasting Movement)

Latino Latino (Instrument Playing, Crossing Midlines)

Moonlight Sonata / Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Classics, Instrumental Contrasting Tempo)

Holiday Conga (Gross Motor, Co-ordination, Teamwork)

Five fishes and a whale (Fine Motor, Numeracy, Role Play)


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