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Chase the Rhythm



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Practical Pre-School Certificate of Excellence Overall Winner 2015

Songs to motivate children to move, developing both the body and brain. Dance like a chicken, catch the flavour of the ice cream, enjoy splashing in the puddles, be a rock and roll star, move with the groove to the disco with dough. Chase the Rhythm makes learning fun.

1. Funky Chicken (High Energy, Gross Motor, Echo Singing)

2. Body Scale (Musicality, Body Awareness, Echo Singing)

3. The day I went to the fair (Gross Motor, Memory & Sequencing)

4. Lottie the ladybird (Role Play, Core Strength)

5. Play Dough Disco (Team Work, Fine Motor Exercise)

6 There was a tree (Memory & Sequencing, Echo Singing)

7. Catch the flavour (Balance, Spatial Awareness)

8. Rainy Day (Puddle jumping, Role Play, Gross motor)

9 Dancing Digits (Fine Motor Control)

10 Chug Chug Tractor (Spatial Awareness, Colours and Patterns)

11. One Finger, One Thumb (Memory, sequencing, independent movement)

12. Chase the Rhythm (Positional language, Listening for a purpose)

13. Misty Mole (Listening for a purpose, Parachute)

14. Greensleeves (Classics, Instrumental Contrasting tempo)

15. Fizzy Bubbles (Parachute, Colours, Eye tracking, Team Work)

16. Wake Up, Shake Up (Positional language, Listening for a purpose)

17. Wriggle and Freeze (Positional Language, Contrasting Movement)

18 Bath Time (Role Play, Body Awareness, Self Care)

19. Music Man (Body Parts) (Sequencing, Crossing Midlines)

20. Five Guitars in a rock and roll band (Counting, Role Play)


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