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Philip's Modern School Atlas Hardback



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ISBN: 9781849073530 Hardback (Minimum order quantity is 10)
Philip's Modern School Atlas 98TH edition is anessential reference work for secondary education (14-18 year olds), suitablefor Key Stage 4, GCSE, A-Level and international schools. The contents aredivided into sections for ease of use, with each page colour coded for rapidreference.

A 12-page Remote Sensing section covers such topics assatellite imagery and GIS (with an explanation of false-colour usage),incorporating a selection of images used in studies of exploration, landreclamation, erosion, geology, pollution and urban regeneration, withexplanatory text. The next section covers the United Kingdom and Ireland in 31pages. With physically coloured maps, this is the most accurate mapping of theUK and Ireland available at the chosen scales - accompanying the physical mapsare thematic maps on numerous key social and economic themes. The middlesection is made up of 74 pages of World topographical maps, incorporatingcontinental thematic maps on topics such as climate, population and economics,followed by 30 pages of World thematic maps. Completing the atlas is a sectionof World social and economic statistics, accompanied by the index to thetopographical maps in the atlas, showing letter-figure grid references as wellas latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

Philip's Modern School Atlas 98th Edition is an unbeatablecombination of highly detailed physical mapping backed up by numerous tablesand thematic maps.

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