Use of Cookies

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These enable the store to function, and cannot be disabled without crippling the shopping cart and browsing experience for customers.


This is an ASP session cookie that identifies your current session with the server. This cookie does not contain any content other than the session ID (indicated in the cookie name by "XXXXXXXX")


This cookie stores any site settings for that session. It does not contain any content other than the session settings. For example, if you select to display 24 results per page on Search Results and Category pages, this cookie will store that setting throughout your browsing experience.


This cookie is a session login token that gets set when you log into the store. It’s necessary for you to be able to log in, and allows you to check out as a returning customer.


This cookie allows you to add items to their shopping cart. An ecommerce essential! Without it, you couldn’t proceed to the checkout page.

Functionality Cookies

Functionality cookies are used for some of the more special features available within the store.


This cookie stores the ProductIDs of the last items viewed by you on the store. It’s used to control the “My Recent History” functionality.


This cookie allows share buttons (Twitter, email, etc.) to appear beneath the product images.


This cookie is used to indicate the site from which you navigated to the store. This helps us see where you are came from!


This cookie is used to tell the store which Affiliate should get credit/commission for items purchased through the Affiliate link.


This cookie is used to ensure that the affiliate link does not get click-through credit on each page load.